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Experience the best luxury living with our premium properties, offering top amenities and prime locations.

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  • Successful property investment is only possible when you understand the implications of investment before you buy.
  • With S&A Property Investment Analysis you will enjoy a cost-free breakdown of the capital growth, cash flow and tax implications of any potential investment properties.
  • And with instant feedback on projected after-tax costs and rates-of-return, one call to S&A Property Investment is all you need.
  • Tailor made multi property mortgage restructure and solutions to complex mortgage needs.
  • Provide bespoke strategy to create wealth through your property portfolio.
  • Innovative Strategies developed by our experts to reduce your tenure of your home loan and pay off your mortgage sooner.
  • Ongoing service to provide solutions, support, guide you to build your portfolio.

Collaboration with multiple builders having a vast design choice

Experienced mortgage and property management team to support you

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Select a property that fits your goal from our huge variety of hand-picked properties.

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Owner Occupiers and First Home Buyers

We help First home buyers and owner occupiers in purchasing your dream home. We listen to their requirement and have all the tools required to package a product that suits them.


We work on a peformance philosophy. We provide recommendation on selected growth areas for investors were they can  leverage off the growth of the initial investment. 

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