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The aim of S&A Property is to help you get the best performing properties in Australia. S&A has been helping many Australians to buy their first home & investments. With our expertise we help with everything you need from start to finish, we guide you and work with you to achieve your property goals.

We provide you with a range of options and unique tailored investment methods to suite your requirement.

S&A Property Investment was started with the intension to support new Australians to achieve their pipe dream of holding a property portfolio.

Many people choose to make Australia their home is because, Australia is a land of possibilities. Majority of people that I meet have a desire of better life and are after a good lifestyle. To achieve this, a lot of people work very hard and end up feeling that you are just surviving.

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S&A Property Investment helps people like you transform your own unique dreams and aspirations into reality. We help you to build a property portfolio in a holistic way.

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Helping investors to buy without a cash deposit.

Home loan needs for all

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  • Successful property investment is only possible when you understand the implications of investment before you buy.
  • With S&A Property Investment Analysis you will enjoy a cost-free breakdown of the capital growth, cash flow and tax implications of any potential investment properties.
  • And with instant feedback on projected after-tax costs and rates-of-return, one call to S&A Property Investment is all you need.
  • Tailor made multi property mortgage restructure and solutions to complex mortgage needs.
  • Provide bespoke strategy to create wealth through your property portfolio.
  • Innovative Strategies developed by our experts to reduce your tenure of your home loan and pay off your mortgage sooner.
  • Ongoing service to provide solutions, support, guide you to build your portfolio.
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